Net Metering


The heart of the solar industry is centered around the money that it saves consumers. But where is the money going that YOU save?

The owners of a solar energy system who are generating more than their needed amount of electricity can kick the extra amount back onto the grid. This concept is called net metering. Essentially it is a billing system that gives solar energy system owners credit for the electricity they push back to the grid.

The credit provided can then be used at night or during high usage times in order to compensate. Thus in turn, customers are only being billed for their net energy usage. People have transitioned from being stuck paying what utility companies decide to producing their own energy. This shift to solar power has helped bring the utility monopoly to an end. As a result consumers now have the choice to be independent.

And if that wasn’t enough incentive, not only is solar energy now saving us money, but it’s also creating jobs. As positive net metering policies have appeared countrywide, the solar industry has boomed. Due to the growing popularity of solar energy services 31,000 jobs were created in 2014.

Solar energy is saving people money, reducing carbon footprint, and creating jobs.

Are you ready to jump into your independence?